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Here are some of the fantastic things people had to say:

“Talking Lions is all about smart people doing smart work — they assess the situation, bring years of strategic experience to bear, get smart about the business, and are courageous about execution.”  Irene M Gomez, Chief Inspiration Officer, Corporate Media Services, Singapore (aka BraveHeart)

“Ik denk dat Annie een van de opmerkelijkste vrouwen is, die ik ken. Zij kent en doorgrond verschillende uiteenlopende culturen en weet dat te koppelen aan een aanstekelijk enthousiasme. Met haar brede ervaring van kleine organisaties tot en met corporate omgevingen begrijpt ze professionele communicatie als geen ander. Ik laat me geen gelegenheid ontgaan om met haar samen te werken.” – Floor de Ruiter, Partner, Flying Elephants, Nederland

“Annie is a free-minded spirit and a magician with words. When she takes on a project, she does it with everything she’s got and comes up with completely new perspectives on a matter that seemed so straightforward at the start. Her creative side brings her important and meaningful projects, not only in her own country but all over the world. Her enthusiasm and positive take on things and her willingness to make it just right, makes her exciting to work with.” – Eveline de Wal, Partner, Flying Elephants, Netherlands

“Talking Lions (Annie) heeft ons geweldig geholpen om te begrijpen hoe we verbinding kunnen maken met onze doelgroep van Internationals in Nederland. Ze weet als geen ander de relevantie van onze dienstverlening op treffende wijze te vertalen naar de markt. Een nuttige leerproces voor onszelf. Met als resultaat een effectieve communicatie campagne. Bedankt voor de fijne samenwerking!” – Olof Lakmaker, directeur Blue Umbrella, Nederland

“Annie is the person to have on your side because she just makes thing work seemingly so effortlessly. But the flawless event happens because of the planning, hard work and thorough preparation that were made behind the scenes, long before “the curtain opens.” It’s like she has a framework in her head, and a checklist which she just steadily and quickly ticks off one by one. Great partner to work with.” – Alma F. Argayoso, Commercial Attaché, Philippine Trade & Investment Center, Indonesia

“It’s time we talked sense. In business, there are the usual tried-and-tested ways to communicate your message across your partners and customers. But if you wish to go the extra mile and formulate that special way to make sure that your message is understood by both parties, then Annie would be a great choice to collaborate with.” – Adrian Cruz, Minister and Consul, Embassy of the Philippines, Berlin, Germany

“If you demand consummate professionalism and be new and relevant at the same time – then Talking Lions is the right communications partner for you. They have the experience and expertise to help bring your brand to a place where it can communicate and converge with customers.” – Ramil Mendoza, Communications Manager, Pacific Paint (Boysen) Philippines, Inc.